Developing A plan to gain URAC Accreditation

URAC Accreditation  Goal: To help students who drop out of college as a result of drug addiction to transform their lives and continue with their studies. Plan: Establish a drug rehabilitation facility and equip it with the necessary equipment and qualified personnel. The facility will help the drug addict students to change their addiction problems […]

Planning for E-Commerce initiatives

E-commerce incorporates the processes of buying and selling products and services and transfer of funds or information through electronic especially by use of networks (Eisingerich & Kretschmer, 2008). In planning for electronic commerce initiatives one must identify and set specific business objectives and also link these objectives to business strategies. In doing so one must […]


Vocation education and training is an integral part of tertiary education that encompasses the provision of a range of activities that are focused towards the provision of accredited knowledge that is tailored towards acquisition of technical and job oriented skills. According to Clarke and Winch (2009 p.80) VET endeavor is to provide skills that will […]