Ethnic Festivals

The term ‘ethnic’ relates to a population subgroup , within a larger or dominant national or cultural group, with a common national or cultural tradition. According to Kristin Kuutma, ethnicity is an observable and instrumental element of cultural communication. The modern world continues to witness a growing yearning for ethnic recognition in individuals and groups, […]

South African telecommunication market structures

The South African telecommunication sector is a fast growing sector in the country and in the entire continent today. Indeed, the telecommunication sector and the transport sector of South Africa, together contribute about 10% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (Esselaar, Gillwald, & Stork, 2006). In the entire African continent, the South African telecommunication […]

Essentials in custom essay writing

Every entrepreneur that run a business should be aware of essentials in that particular category to maintain quality and basically to survive within the market. Companies compete with each other furiously often forgetting about the main thing which is called customers. Everything that we do is made to satisfy people’s needs and fill that particular […]