Database Modeling and Normalization

Imagine that you work for a consulting firm that offers information technology and database services. Part of its core services is to optimize and offer streamline solutions for efficiency. In this scenario, your firm has been awarded a contract to implement a new personnel system for a government agency. This government agency has requested an […]

Database Administrator for Department Store

Imagine that you have been hired as the database administrator for a local department store. The department store has recently expanded by opening five (5) stores within your local region. They have also launched a series of marketing campaigns to attract new customers and increase sales. For your hired role, you will be responsible for […]

Java- Data Structures and Analysis

Employs Modularity (including proper use of parameters, use of local variables etc.) most of the time   Employs correct & appropriate use of programming structures (loops, conditionals, classes etc.) most of the time   Efficient algorithms used most of the time   Excellent use of object-oriented design   Functionality (20 points):   Program fulfills all […]

Internship Assignment

Internship Assignment should follow these formatting guidelines: Use of three sources, 1–2 pages (not including cover page or bibliography section), double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in APA format. Harrison Kirby runs a local golf course with a shop of around 150 products. He wants to have a website that […]

Coulomb’s Law

Review textbook Chapter 16 which involves the vector nature of electric forces. In this simulation, the green, red, and blue charges are originally (i.e., at t = 0) at the vertices of an isosceles triangle. The green and blue are fixed in space and the red charge is allowed to move. Find the net Coulomb […]