Unit 9 Assignment: Monopoly Pricing

[wpecpp name=”Unit 9 Assignment: Monopoly Pricing” price=”95″ align=”center”] General Instructions for all Assignments   Insert your answers below, or in the appropriate space provided for in the question. Your answers should follow APA format with citations to your sources and, at the bottom of your last page, a list of references. Your answers should also […]

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[wpecpp name=”Synthesis” price=”35″ align=”center”] For your third paper in this class, write a synthesis responding to the following prompt:   The readings for this unit have discussed the attitudes and opinions of millennials in the United States around the issues of relationships, marriage, and family. In your papers, discuss the major issues to be considered […]

Managerial Accounting Budgeting Project

The following is a Comprehensive Budgeting Problem. You and your team need to prepare a partial Master Budget and then continue on to analyze your data. This is an Excel based project where you will create formula driven worksheets. [wpecpp name=”Managerial Accounting Budgeting Project” price=”50″ align=”center”] Part 1: Required: Prepare the following elements of the master budget. Additional […]