For businesses to thrive in the current business environment, it is important for them to adjust their approaches to business operations and management structures to nurture creativity and innovation. This paper discusses why hierarchical management structures are likely to be less evident in future, being replaced by structures that nurture innovation and creativity. The paper […]

Hadoop in Action

Hadoop in Action 4.2 Hadoop blocks The running Hadoop refers to sets of daemons and resident programs, which exist on a different server in the network. The daemons perform specific roles; a daemon may exist on a single server or across many servers. The daemons consist of NameNodes, DataNode, Secondary NameNodes, JobTrackers and TaskTrackers (Chuck, […]

The Advantages of Having Your Articles Republished and How Exactly to Manage It

Article marketing is a very important component of many small affiliates’ marketing campaigns. I have written a great many articles discussing the advantages of writing quality, keyword rich and preselling articles and distributing them online. In this article I will go further and develop the idea of a correlation between article quality and republishing rate, […]