Business Strategy based on Value Chain

a) Using value chain analysis, demonstrate your understanding of how Ryan Air achieves cost leadership in different parts of the value chain.   Identify the risks Ryan Air faces due to its pure cost leadership strategy, using the types of risks given in the chapter and specific examples from the video. b) Using the four […]

Silence of the Lamb and the character is Buffalo Bill

Pick a character from a favorite book (fiction) or from a favorite movie. Choose a character that you believe has a psychological disorder. Describe the character and his or her problems, using this discussion as a foundation for diagnosing the individual and planning a treatment program. Make your diagnosis using the DSM-V diagnosis classification. Carefully […]

Big Blue Fall Miller Park Stadium Milwaukee

i need you please to wright an essay about this video , you include how did this happen and what does they missed about safety when that happened , and you could cover this story as you like .          Big Blue fall miller Park Baseball Stadium Milwaukee The reasons for the fall […]

Flim analysis of Rosewood movie 1

The writing should not be a summary. it can be about camera movement, lighting, sound and the most  interesting things about the characters in the movies. expected to identify stereotypes, analyze interpersonal dynamics, personalities, and socio-political context of each film. Identify and elaborate on the filmmakers  use of symbolism, irony, metaphor etc. Examine Theme, Plot, Dig […]

critical/analysis essay

The assignment is to write a 5 page critical/analysis essay on any of these movies mentioned below. APA format. Mention a few Psychological and social elements.   Movies:(Choose one) 1. Runaway train – john Voight 2. Deadman walkng – sean penn 3. Monsters, inc. 4. The Illusionist 5.Deja Vu – Denzel Washington 6. I am […]