The story begins in present day LA during the last few days of FBI agent David Conner’s career. At age 39 Conner A 15-year veteran of the FBI is retiring for good after the murder of his girlfriend and the accidental death of the young girl David was sent to rescue on his last assignment. We Can Write Custom Research Papers on Christopher Pike for You! Channeling is a new age term, which is basically going into hypnosis and allowing entities to speak through you. Margaret a paraplegic has no special talent and does not participate in the mutual hypnosis but has been with Spear since the beginning. The Protagonist in this story is obviously FBI agent David Conner. A poor broken man who in the end regains his faith in life. The Antagonist in this story is more difficult to Identify. It could be Dr. Spear who lost his wife and sister in-law because of his reckless curiosity and was about to do the same with Lucy and Vera. Although he has bad qualities Spear did make sacrifices and did have redeeming qualities.

The theme or general idea is that people can either move forward in time or backward. I was actually very surprised by Pike’s book. Usually I wouldn’t recommend his work to anyone who wasn’t well versed in eastern mythology, which has become a repetitious wall for Pike. This book which is deeply rooted in Egyptian, African, and to a lesser extent eastern mythology is well written, unique, and a refreshing change. This book like most of Christopher Pike’s Novels seems to have an outrageous plot but it so well written I just don’t care. One thing that really surprised me about this book was how accurate the information was. After reading it I researched some of the information and found it almost scary that the facts included in the book were true. The mixture of fact and fiction is very interesting and deeply effective and if you have an open mind the theme of the story sends a powerful message. All free online research papers, research paper samples and example research papers on Christopher Pike topics are plagiarized and cannot be fully used in your high school, college or university education. 12/page you can order custom written papers online. We work with experienced PhD. Master’s freelance writers to help you with writing any academic papers in any subject! High quality and 100% non-plagiarized papers guaranteed!

4. Case Study : Case study method was first developed by Christopher Langdell at Harvard Law School. A case is a written account giving certain details of the situation is relation to a specific matter. Such case study may be related to any aspect of management such as production, marketing, personnel, finance and so on. The case presented is always incomplete. This means the solution to the problem is not provided. The participants are supposed to identify the best available solution. A small group of managers are asked to study the case in the fight of theoretical study already completed and is followed by open discussion in the presence of capable instructor, who can guide intelligent discussion and analysis. There is nothing like one correct answer to the case study. Case study method has certain advantages like, (a) in-depth thinking about the matter by managers, (b) more perception in situation and greater respect for the opinions of others. 5. Conferences and Seminars : Deputing officers for conferences and seminars is a method available for management development. Various matters are discussed systematically in such conferences and seminars. This provides new information and knowledge to the managers.

The participants in such conferences and seminars are limited. As a result, more persons get an opportunity to participate in such conferences for self-development. Conferences may be directed or guided or may be for consultation and finally for problem solving. 6. Simulation : Here, an executive or trainee is given practical training by creating situation / environment, which closely represents the real life situation at the work place. For example, activities of an organisation may be simulated and the trainee may be asked to make a decision in support of those activities. The results of those decisions are reported back to the trainee with an explanation. The report illustrates what would have happened if that decision was taken. The trainee teams from this feedback and improves his subsequent simulation. 7. Management / Business Games : A variety of computer and non-computer management / business games have been devised for training of managers. This training method is used in management development. It is a type of classroom method of training. The game is designed to represent real life situation. Employees for managerial positions are put in an exercise of actual decision-making.

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