Cheap Scrapbooking: 5 Simple Ways to Save Money


Scrapbooking is becoming an increasingly popular past time as every day more and more people, of different age brackets, are getting hooked. However when you first step into the world of scrapbooking, chances are you’ll be bombarded by the sheer quantity and cost of materials available. That said, it doesn’t need to be an expensive pastime at all!

Scrapbooking in its essence is a way of preserving you precious memories in a creative way and with a little bit of thriftiness can actually be pretty inexpensive. Here are some examples of cheap scrapbooking backgrounds that can be used.


Magazines serve as a reusable treasure for scrapbookers as every photo of it can be used. A colorful or patterned page of a magazine can be used as a scrapbook background. Just use a double-adhesive tape on posting photos as an ordinary glue seldom works on glossy pages. You may also use cut out word fonts from magazines and combine with other cut out fonts.

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper. Done with the holidays wrapping spree? Why don’t you pick up and keep the remaining rolls for making a scrapbook background. Wrapping paper makes perfect background pages as they depict a certain occasion not just for Christmas and birthdays but also for Valentine’s Day, weddings, and christenings. Some wrapping papers have cartoon character prints so you can have random images on your scrapbook page.

Print Outs

Do your kids have excess colorful print outs for their school projects, your boss for a company presentation, or your own print outs for kitchen recipes? Before putting them out for the garbage, why don’t you keep them and make use for your scrapbook background? You can mix and match colorful science projects with your photos.

Old Encyclopedias

Want to have a vintage or classic vibe for your scrapbook? You can use your old dictionary or encyclopedia pages as background just make sure you are not using them or you have a new one or you might end up using a dictionary with missing words in it. These pages are perfect for classic scrapbooking because these pages were naturally aged by your bookshelves.

News Papers

If these old books are precious to you, then you can resort to newspapers. The newsprint material for a newspaper is easy to age, just crumple it and age by inking, and then write on them. Just beware of the acid content of the paper that you use, and don’t put paper you are uncertain about near your photos. Strips of newspaper on the sides of your pages are a great way of aging them. Also, you can burn the least part of the edge of your paper to make it look old.

With a little bit of imagination on your layouts, even with the simplest embellishment found in your household, you can now have a beautifully created scrapbook without spending a fortune.


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