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Choose ONE of the following three writing assignments to the texts Meet Mark  and Meeting Mr Darcy in Blueprint.  Your text should be about 400 words. If you are using other sources than Blueprint, such as websites, books, articles etc., do not forget to list them at the end of your essay.

•  Meet Mark. The mothers in both Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones’s Diary very much want their daughters to be married, despite the fact that one book was written 200 years before the other. Why? Write one paragraph discussing this. Then write a second paragraph about whether parents today have the same concern to see their daughters married as the parents in the texts you have just read.

•  Meeting Mr Darcy. Discuss the status of women in late eighteenth-century/early nineteenth-century England as it is depicted in the excerpt from Pride and Prejudice, using examples from the text.

•  Meeting Mr Darcy. Write a one page diary entry such as you could imagine Mrs Bennet would have written after she returned from the ball (dreams, expectations, emotions, concerns etc.).