How to cite to a journal article



How to cite to a journal article: Author Name, Article Title, vol# Abbrev J Name BegP#, Pinpt P# (Date). Notice that the author name is in the ordinary order, first name last name, and in ordinary font for journal articles. The Article Title is in italics. Each word of the title is capitalized unless the word is 3 letters or shorter (and a few important words, such as Law, may still be capitalized – look at the article itself for guidance). Finally, the title of the Journal is abbreviated. The Bluebook has tables about abbreviating words for such journal titles, but often the journal itself will tell you how to cite it. This journal title is in small caps (find it under the FONT pull down menu under the HOME menu in word).


  1. Example, article basic format: Farhat Moazam, Sharia Law and Organ Transplantation: Through the Lens of Muslim Jurists, 3 Asian Bioeth. Rev. 316, 321 (2011).
  2. Thus, your footnote 2, Cipriani, Linda. “Gender and Persecution: Protecting Women Under International Refugee Law.” Immigr. LJ7 (1993): 511 =>

Linda Cipriana, Gender and Persecution: Protecting Women Under International Refugee Law, 7 Geo. Immigr. L. J. 511 (1993).

  1. Delate this citation from here and just add footnote number 2 and write below the page, the footnote.
  2. How to cite a book or report?


  1. Lawrence M. Friedman, A History of American Law 192, 195 (3d ed. 2005).

Notice that small caps ends after the author’s full name, (author names in the everyday order), & the title of the book. Notice also that this is multiple pages, but they are NOT consecutive pages. In this case, you write out both numbers completely.

  • Example, 2 authors: Karen M. Blum & Kathryn Urbonya, Section 1983 Litigation ¶3.1.2 (2d ed. 2004).

This shows an alternative to page #. Some law books rely on paragraph # instead, so you should list that, not page number.

Example, multiple authors: Michael Avery, et al., Police Misconduct: Law and Litigation 211-13 (2015).


Michael Avery, David Rudovsky, & Karen M. Blum, Police Misconduct: Law and Litigation 211-13 (2015).

this shows multi-pages cited. and if the book only has one edition, omit the edition information, just put the date. Note that the multiple pages, consecutive, the last page does not list the 2hundred on the page number.

  1. Example, editor or translator: include that information, with editor or translator full name in a parenthetical note. Walter Kempowski, Swansong 1945: A Collective Diary of the Last Days of the Third Reich 201-05 (Shaun Whiteside, trans. 2015).
    1. Note that the translator’s name is in the parenthesis that would also hold the edition. The date is the date of translation, not the original date of publication.
    2. If there is more than one sort of information to put in the parenthesis, it goes in this order:
      1. (Editors or translators, followed by a comma,
      2. Edition number (if more than the first edition)
      3. Supplement
      4. Date of publication – close parenthesis).
      5. Example, multiple info in parenthesis: Jane Qualters, Maritime Law of Europe 116, 273 (John Smith, trans., 4th Supp. 2015).


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