Coal Seam Gas – Extraction and Processing

With rapidly depleting natural resources, people around the globe are looking for new sources of energy. Lots of people don’t think much of it, but doing this is an excellent ecological move forward and may even be a lucrative endeavour. Australia has one the most significant deposits of a recently discovered  gas  known as coal seam  gas . The deposit present in areas such as New South Wales is far more significant than the others since it contains little methane and much more carbon dioxide.

What is coal seam  gas ?

Coal bed methane is the more general term for this substance. It is a form of natural  gas  taken from substantial coal beds. The existence of this material usually spelled hazard for many sites. This stopped in recent decades, when specialists discovered its potential as an energy source. It’s now among the most important sources of energy in a number of countries, particularly in North America. Extraction within australia is actually rapidly developing because of rich deposits in various parts of the country.


The extraction procedure is reasonably challenging. It calls for heavy drilling, water pumping, and tubing. Though there are a variety of different processes, pipeline construction(an initial step) is perhaps one of the most important. The foundation of the course of action can spell a real difference between the failure or success of your undertaking.

Working with a Contractor

Pipeline construction and design is serious business. Seasoned contractors may be hard to get considering the fact that Australia’s coal seam  gas  industry is still fairly young. You’ll find only a limited number of completed and working projects across the country. There are several things to consider when getting a contractor for the project.

Find one with substantial experience within the industry sector. Some service providers have operations outside the country, especially in Canada And America. This is something you should look out for, as advancement of the  gas  originated there. Providers with completed projects in the said area can have the solutions required for any project to take off.

The construction process involves several basic steps. It is important the service provider you work with addresses all of your needs. Below are a few of the important supplementary services to look for.

– Pipeline design, production, and installation

– Custom ploughing (to achieve specialized trenching requirements)

– Protection and repair of pipelines with the use of various liners

– Pressure assessment and commissioning

These are only the fundamentals of pipeline construction. Sourcing coal seam  gas  involves many others. Do thorough research to ensure the service provider you employ is capable of completing all the necessary tasks. Other elements of the undertaking include engineering plus site preparation and rehabilitation. This industrial sector may be profitable if one makes all of the proper moves.

Avoid making uninformed decisions by doing as much research as you possibly can. Use the web to your advantage to look into a company’s profile. Look for a portfolio of the projects they have completed in the past. You can gauge their trustworthiness based on their volume of clients. Check out the scope of their operations and the projects they finished.

You should also think about company policies concerning the quality of their work, safety and health, along with their policies concerning communities and the environment. These are seemingly minute but important details when searching for a contractor for pipeline construction projects.

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