College Essay Topics

As part of the college application process, the college essay carries a lot of weight. It is important to start giving some thought to college essay topics as early in the application process as possible. Last minute, poorly thought out, and badly written essays are not going to gain you the place at your preferred college choices.

As an Australian student, unlike in many other country’s admission processes, you are not required to submit a full essay with your application (unless you are applying for Special Tertiary Admissions), however, your self declaration serves the same purpose as a US common admissions essay. Consequently, it is still worthwhile understanding the requirements of a college admissions essay as the principles of content and format are applicable.

Although the requirements of the common college application may change, in general the best topics for college essays tend to be those that examine and evaluate a personal experience or event, describe an achievement or describe significant influences on your life. The essay is so the admissions faculty can gain some insight into who you are – things that your exam results cannot convey to them. They are looking for clues as to what motivates you, how you respond to certain situations and how you handle and conduct yourself. Essentially, they are looking to see if you have got what it takes to make a success of your course.

Whatever topic you choose it should be written with a personal edge. Sometimes choosing a topic isn’t easy. Here are some suitable college essay topics:

  1. Describe a speech that had a profound effect on you
  2. What hasnt been invented yet?
  3. If you could choose a super power, what would it be?
  4. Describe your home town
  5. What is your greatest accomplishment to date?
  6. Describe your favourite movie
  7. What has been the biggest challenge in your life so far?
  8. How have you contributed to your local community?
  9. Do you agree that computer gaming makes couch potatoes
  10. You can have a one-to-one with anyone, living or dead. Who would you choose?
  11. The benefits of being bi-lingual
  12. Who is the greatest fictional character?
  13. Describe how a teacher or tutor has influenced you
  14. How are you perceived by your classmates?
  15. Examine and analyse a recent news article
  16. Write the eulogy of a hero
  17. Do you belong to a social network and why?
  18. Who in your family do you most admire?
  19. Who, in your opinion, is missing from Hollywoods Walk of Fame
  20. What makes you proud to be Australian?
  21. Will space travel ever be truly accessible?
  22. What is one characteristic about yourself you would change?
  23. Do you take more after your father or mother?
  24. Is university going to be the place you discover yourself?
  25. Is your cup half full or half empty?
  26. The benefits of growing up in a multi-cultural family
  27. How did you decide on your degree course?
  28. Describe yourself in 5 words and then discuss each one.
  29. A sense of humour or compassion which is better?
  30. History or the future?
  31. Your most rewarding experience to date
  32. Describe your first memory
  33. What would be the features of your vision of Utopia?
  34. Stupid is as stupid does: Discuss
  35. What are the main characteristics of Australians?
  36. Where do you hope to be in ten years?
  37. Should Canberra be our capital city, or is Sydney the rightful choice?
  38. Should the option for a university education be universal?
  39. Which 5 famous people, dead or alive, would you invite to a dinner party?
  40. What weaknesses are the worst in your opinion?
  41. Interesting characters in your family tree
  42. How much do you believe in ‘it’s not what you know, but who’?
  43. To what extent have you mapped out your career path
  44. The future is bright, the future is
  45. Describe a past failure and what you learnt from it
  46. Fashion is irrelevant
  47. What does the statement ‘I am my own person’ mean to you?
  48. Are you a donor card holder? Discuss
  49. Why I love the Internet
  50. The importance of being able to laugh at yourself

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