Communication Problems in Companies and Solutions


The Communication Problems

Different communication problems exist in companies that carry business in various sectors. One of the communication problems is the language barrier. The organizations always tend to establish the current trend of diversity that may cause communication problems in the workplace. Different ethnics and age brackets may have problems in attempting to embrace clear communication in the workplace (Brioschi, 2007). The language barrier factor has resulted into confusion and division in the workplaces.

Another communication problem relates to the personal issues that employees involve as part of their communication in the company. The personal issues that employees include in communication affect their perception at the work place. The extent of their personal perception and disagreements would affect the levels of communication that they undertake (Carroll, 2010). This aspect would have an impact on the productivity of employees in various sectors. Lack of feedback is also another prominent aspect of communication problems in business. This aspect causes the development of one-way communication that may be considered ineffective under most circumstance.

Solution to the Communication Problems

One of the possible solutions to the language barrier problem in a company is to develop a language policy that can be used in communication purposes at the workplace. This factor should be incorporated in the policies of the company by stating the official language allowed for communication (Carroll, 2010). The involvement of personal issues can be dealt with in a mentoring or counseling approach. The solution focuses on developing the perception of people towards embracing the nature of communication that a company adopts. The solution is also meant to mentor personal view of people toward company values. For the feedback problem, instituting strong feedback strategies is a central way of embracing a two-way communication pattern. Examples of feedback strategies may include holding meetings to answer to the pleas of employees and directly answering employee questions and suggestions (Brioschi, 2007).


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