Compare Gas Prices and Electricity Prices

In order to compare  gas  prices and electricity prices energy comparison websites can be a quick and convenient way to look up prices on offer from the various energy suppliers. If you do use such a comparison website its best to choose one that has been approved by the Consumer Focus Confidence Code. If you use such an approved website you will be able to compare your current supplier`s tariff with the rates offered by other major suppliers. You can compare  gas  prices and electricity prices in your area for all the energy suppliers.

If you have compared  gas  and electricity prices and you consequently decide to switch it normally takes between six to eight weeks to complete the process. Both energy suppliers are supposed to work together to make sure that the switch happens in a smooth manner. However in the unlikely case that you have any problems during the switching process you can always contact Consumer Direct.

When you look at  gas  and electricity prices the tariffs are the rates you pay for your  gas  and electricity. Tariff rates are very important and are based on a number of factors including how and when you pay your bills. There are so many tariffs available that it is worth thinking about what kind of tariff is important to you. For example you may prefer to pay by direct- debit online

Below are the types of tariffs that affect  gas  and electricity prices:

· Standard Tariff. The rate an energy company is offering with no extra discounts.

· Direct debit tariff. Here you can get a five to ten percent discount on the standard tariff if you choose to pay by monthly direct debit.

· On-line tariff. If you choose an online tariff you will qualify for extra discounts usually between five to ten percent.

There are other types of tariffs including a pre-payment tariff paypoint tariff, social tariff and for those who want to support renewable energy there is a green tariff.

You can now compare  gas  and electricity prices by seeing how much all the major utility suppliers charge and switching to the supplier of your choice depending on what factors are the most important to you!

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