Compensation Management Assignment Help


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Benefits of Compensation Management:
• It helps in evaluating different job roles in an organization.
• It also helps the company to maintain the finances associated with the human resources.
• It makes sure that the suitable salaries and promotions are provided to all the deserving candidates.
• It makes sure that exploitation and unethical practices related to employee management are avoided in the organization.
• It helps in choosing the right talent for the company.
This subject has thus become a part of Management courses in multiple institutes across the globe.
Types of Compensation:
• Direct compensation – Salary and health benefits are part of direct compensation. Compensation management executives must provide pay scales and salaries for the positions in a firm.
• Indirect compensation – The additional perks other than salary and health benefits come under indirect compensation. Promotions, incentives, recreational benefits and staff training etc are part of indirect compensation.

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Topics in Compensation Management Assignments:
• Negotiation in compensation
• IT sector and compensation management
• Profit sharing
• Stock options
• Rewards and recognition
• Commission related to sales
• Executive compensation
• Managerial level compensation
• Attrition related to compensation management
• Compensation management and globalization
• Structure and features of a pays lip
• Overtime salary
• Medical allowances
• Employee insurance
• Housing paid by company
• Transportation paid by company
• Bonus and appraisals
• Compensation and retail sector
• Unethical practices in compensation management

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