Computer Disposal


Computer technology came at their right time to help man in many activities. Currently a large number of institutions wholly depend on the computer to carry out major chores. This good reception by the consumer for it value in their daily lives has seen many more computer manufacturer arise. From the consumers’ end they are craving for computers with more power. Response to this has led to the manufacturing companies improve this technology every beginning of a new day. The consumers gladly take in the new technology but don’t take caution what they do with the old computers.

Computer monitors account for roughly half the 130,000 to 150,000 pounds of electronics CP Recovery recycles in a given month (Grace, 2006) and this trend is the same in many places with computer waste taking almost half of all electronic waste. Computer waste contain a big percentage metal, plastics, CRT & LCD screens, printed circuit boards then cables among others. Most of these materials don’t readily decompose and would take centuries to completely decompose. This brings the essence to develop ways of best disposing these computers considering some of these metals emit radiations that are harmful to the general environment. The ways that are feature here are just few of what we can put into practice to ensure limited impact of computer waste to our environment.

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