Home sweet home. Our home is the hub of our life. It is where we eat, pray, sleep, and love. The home is where we go to re-energize and its existence is central to our lives. Yet, it is also something we overlook greatly. I have many clients that come to me feeling stressed and tired and they think they are under attack. That’s right your very own home! When things are off at home our entire day will be thrown off. For that reason it is important to ensure that our house is kept as peaceful and happy as possible. So here are some tips how to turn your home from merely an abode into a sanctuary all for yourself. As we go through life we pick up all sorts of spiritual debris and dirt and we bring that right into our homes. So regular cleansings can help wipe away the mud we track home and keep the chaos outside where it blongs.

A bit of Chinese Floor Wash or Van Van oil in a bucket of warm water can go a long way. Wash your house from top to bottom and back to front and wipe that mess right into the street. Forget the Glade plug-ins! Our emotions and memories are strongly tied into scent. Ever smelled something and it immediately reminded you of someone or something? Scent has an evocative influence on our minds and it can be used for spiritual purposes. Get a couple heated oil diffusers and add a drop or two of Van Van Oil, Peaceful Home Oil, Blessing Oil, or a similar condition oil. If nothing else then using essential oils like Marjoram, Rosemary, Rose, Vanilla, and Wintergreen can help set the right vibe in your home. I know some people who apply these oils directly, but carefully to lightbulbs and use it as makeshift oil diffusers. Oh, how sweet it is.. Take a container and place single vanilla bean at the bottom of it.

Pray over the vanilla bean that it bring love, luck, and happiness. Pour all the sugar in your home into this container. Pray the 23rd Psalm over it and from now on use the sugar in this container for cooking and what not. This little trick makes a container spell that you keep in your home. Using the sugar from the jar will keep everyone talking sweetly to one another and will bring sweet things to the house. Basil is a great herb for the house. Pray for peace and protection over it and place some in your kitchen. The old saying is that “evil can’t go where there is Basil.” So it is reputed to keep out evil and keep your home peaceful. Burning some Basil on charcoal every once in a while can help clear out the negative energies and spirits that may be lingering around and will settle down any chaotic forces. This particular trick is an old hoodoo trick that has been passed down from family to family and one that seems to be dying out.

In African American culture burning Red Onion skins was reputed to bring luck and love. So peeling the skin and burning them in the stove or fire place was a spiritual act. Open up a can of Peace. In conjure there are various waters and washes that are mentioned to aid in spiritual conditions. In direct opposition to War Water, there is Peace Water. This products is sprinkled around your home to settle things down and bring a peaceful environment. It can also be used to clear out any work that has been done to cause strife in your home. Sprinkle some on your doorstep to ensure that only those who wish you peace enter your home. You can buy this product or you can make your own. Take Sumac Berries, Basil, and Rosemary (or similar peaceful herbs like Marjoram) and add it to some water. Pray over this, Psalm 147: 14 is particulary good. To this mix add Florida Water and Rose water and stopper it.

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