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  1. Consider the following scenario before answering the questions below:


River (age 21) and Blue (age 21)


Blue and River are both seniors in college. On Friday nights, there are usually plenty of off-campus parties to choose from, and tonight is no exception. River was in Blue’s communications class this term and although they’d flirted a bit over the last few weeks, they have never spent time together outside of class. They both agreed they would go to the same party, so they could hang out. As the evening approached, Blue started getting a bit nervous. Blue really liked River and wanted tonight to go well. When Blue got to the party, River was already there and appeared intoxicated, exhibiting slurred speech and loss of balance. Blue decided to take some shots quickly to “catch up” and calm nerves. They walked upstairs to a friend’s bedroom to get away from the party. They started kissing and things began to get more intense. By this point, River really wanted to have sex, but also realized that Blue was drunk and had started slipping in and out of consciousness. River paused, and is wondering how to continue.


  1. What couldRiver do in this situation? What do you think Rivershould do based on class

lessons? Why?

  1. Why is consenting an issue in this scenario? (Hint: What is consent? How do we know when someone is consenting? What is happening here that would not allow River and/or Blue to give consent to sexual or other activities?)
  2. What effect could engaging in sexual activity have onRiver and Blue? Think physically, emotionally,

socially, etc.


  1. What do you see as the threemost important sexual health issues that need to be addressed in the

United States? What could government and/or communities do to address these issues? (REMEMBER

to support your thoughts with EVIDENCE from readings, lecture, class, texts, etc).