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Corporate finance assignments have always given nightmares to students of various institutes. But now, all worries will be over as is here for corporate finance assignment help
What is Corporate Finance?
It is the area of finance that deals with investments and funds related actions of different types of organizations. Amplification of shareholder value is the major motive of corporate finance.

Sources of Capital in Corporate Finance:
Every firm derives from three main types of sources which comprise of:
• Equity Capital – Through this source, a firm generates capital by selling of shares in the capital market.
• Debt Capital – Various sources like banks loans are utilized in this form of capital derivation where money is borrowed by the firm for their projects.
• Preferred Stock – This is an equity security which becomes an important source of capital.

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Financing Accounting Statements:
Using financing accounting statements, companies can take investment related decisions and analyze the financial performance. Major financial accounting statements include:
• Balance Sheet – It is a statement in which liabilities, assets and capital of a firm at a specific instant of time are represented.
• Statement of Income – By deducting the expenses from the revenues, net profit can be analyzed for a particular financial period. This analysis is done through statement of income.
• Cash Flow Statement – During a particular financial period, outflow and inflow along with the cash in a firm can be represented using cash flow statement.
Difficulty Faced by Students in Corporate Finance Assignment
Improper knowledge associated to concepts of corporate finance along with lack of exposure related to the terms of finance results in poor quality of final assignment prepared by the students. Also, students find difficulty in the calculation part of the financial studies. So, they can take support of our services to improve their grades.

Topics Covered by In Corporate Finance Assignment Help
Some of the topics associated with corporate finance in which have helped students include:
• Calculation of bond prices
• DuPont analysis
• Financial planning model
• Cash flow analysis
• Risk management
• Investment banking
• Capital budgeting related to equivalent annuity method
• Accounting rate of return
• Modified internal rate of return
• Financial accounting statements
• Working capital management
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