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Cost accounting involves recording and documenting the economic and transactional data and information and is most important part any business. It keeps changing and is updated from generation to generation. Cost accounting is an act of stocking, estimating and summarizing the financial facts of a company by the administration and the executives.
Expenditure, investment, revenue, Profit and loss are the main ideals for the cost accounting system that allows a system to work better. Cost accounting involves the technique of book keeping for expenditures and it also tries to maintain the functioning areas such as cost calculating, examination, control, compare and funds.

The various topics that come under cost accounting are mentioned below:
• Relevant Cost assignment
• Hidden Costs
• Long Run
• Short Run
• Target Costing
• Non-Manufacturing Cost
• Period Cost
• Customer Level Cost
• Scope and Limitations of Cost Accounting
• Importance of Cost Accounting
• Cost
• Direct Labor Cost
• Payroll Procedure
• Time Booking
• Budgetary Control
• Incremental Cost
• Cost Department and its Relationship with other Departments
• Labor Cost
• Fifo
• Input Measurement Bases
• Manufacturing Cost
• Variable Cost
• Hospital and Health Care Accounting
• Managerial Cost Accounting
• Elements of Cost
• Box Score Reporting
• Cost of Goods Sold
• Discounted Cash Flow Methods
• Full Absorption
• Internal Rate of Return
• Indirect Cost
• Business Level Cost
• Future Cost
• Lean Accounting
• Origin of Cost Accounting
• Sunk Cost
• And more

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