Course Reflection on Social Influences


This course has remained one of the most informative, with fascinating ideas on human social influences, as well as how such influences determine human interactions. Some of the most compelling topics were in chapters 6 and 12. While Chapter 6 outlines the nature and impact of social influences in human interactions, chapter 12 focused on the characteristics of various groups that people often find themselves.

According to the information learned from chapter 6 of the course on Social Influences, there are three vital aspects, including conformity, compliance, as well as obedience. To a larger extent, social influences involve the gradual or instant change in the behavior of members of a social group, often due to pressure from peers. Moreover, conformity attracts peers to match with the behavior of other peers, while compliance and obedience require one to align them with a line of behavior. Also, Chapter 12 outlines the nature of these groups, asserting that they are autonomous, and share similar identities (Kenrick & Neuberg & Cialdini, 2010).

The group discussions organized during this course have provided an opportunity for members to share and debate on various concepts, which helped in providing a deeper comprehension of the main topics. The topics included Self-concept, Attribution Theory, Social Cognition and Social influence, Group Processes, Prejudice and Discrimination, Interpersonal Processes, Aggression, Attitude as well as Stereotype. This course has therefore provided us with a firm foundation upon which to understand human behavior in different social constructions, including individual and group levels. For instance, the concepts of obedience, conformity and compliance are tools that can help in the understanding of human behavior and relationships, as well as how various relationships impact on human behavior.




Kenrick, D. T., Neuberg, S. L., & Cialdini, R. B. (2010). Social psychology: Goals in interaction. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

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