Throughout the course, you have encountered definitions and theories related to leadership. You have also examined your organization and leaders through the Kouzes and Posner model and other relevant literature. As a final assignment, prepare a learning summary that incorporates the following:


1. Reflect on your definition of leadership. Has it changed? What has influenced the change or kept it the same? Reflect on 1-2 “Aha!” moments related to your eight-week study during this course.


2. What impact does the encounter with theoretical material have on your view of leadership relevant to your work in your organization?


3. What three recommendations do you propose for new or experienced leaders based on what you have assimilated into your understanding through this course.


4. Support your assertions, views, and recommendations with scholarly research. Note that four (4) outside scholarly sources are the minimum (your course textbook does not count).


Your post should be at least 350 words or more and submitted in the text box (not as a Word document). You may also present your work as a PowerPoint presentation, or a YouTube video. Be creative and have fun! APA Format, 12-Font, Times-Romans, Header With Page Numbers, Double-Spaced, Scholarly, Journals and Peer-Reviews. Make sure this Assignment is on a Master’s Degree Level PLEASE. Thank you so much. If you have any questions for me please feel free to email me I need to pass this course in order to move on to the next class.


Supporting Materials:

⦁ PowerPoint Presentation 6-2015.pdf (22 KB)

⦁ Management+Program+Writing+Rubrics+1-2014.doc (77 KB)

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