Creating a website for the assistance of students

Concept of Project

Project Name = Creating a website for the assistance of students

Project Number =

Date of Request =

Business Justification:

In recent times, a website is needed which should assist the students in deciding which field is best suited for them. This should be kind of career counseling website. Every student may access this website by paying very small amount of money. It’s a best opportunity to earn good fame for the company.

Project Description:

This project is going to help the students in order to decide their career decisions. The website will produce a questioner, which will be all multiple choice questions. The results of the questioner will be prepared by qualified career counseling experts. Students will find these results helpful for their future.

Project Costs:

The cost of this project should be ranging to $25000.


Date in which this project is required to complete is November 10, 2016

Planning Estimates (By Project manager)

The project shall be completed in forty-five days.

Business Areas impacted:

The business areas will be, the investors, students, software developers, experts etc.

Date of Review



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