Critically evaluate the data representing the level of fraud in the UK


Assignment for Fraud Investigation:
Module 205 FIS
To submitted through Turnitin
Last Submission Date: 24 March 2017
1500 words
Critically evaluate the data representing the level of fraud in the UK in respect of:

  • Banking Fraud
  • VAT Fraud
  • Benefit Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud

This involves an explanation as to what figures are available, how accurate they are and what sources of data there are (and, if they differ why do they differ). All to be supported by data, graphs, tables (in colour) to be labelled, referenced and attached as Appendices and are not included in the word count. These must be cross referenced in the narrative (as you did in Professional Skills last year) to provide evidence for your analysis.
Use subtitles for each type of Fraud
I do not require an explanation of what each type of fraud entails just analysis of the data.
This is research and will help you to acquire the skills you require for your dissertation next year.
What are the ranges of figures?
Where do they come from?
How accurate are they?
If they are inaccurate, why are they inaccurate?
State sources
Harvard References please
Tables and graphs are essential
Potential Sources of information to start you off:
Doig A. (and his references) which you will have already read
HM Treasury
Crime Figures? If not why not?
Accountancy Firms, KPMG, PWC, Ernst & Young etc
Council of Mortgage Lenders
Banking eg BBA
Action Fraud
National Fraud Authority
You need to find your own sources as well to get the marks

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