Critiquing a Change Effort


Organizations are dynamic in the sense that their operations change with the changing environment. This also applies to health organizations. Leaders of such organizations must learn the best techniques to use in managing change in the company (Marquis & Huston, 2012). This paper discusses the effect and success of the implementation of new technology system in nursing in my organization.

In the past, nurses and other specialists have faced the challenge of bulky workload (Bevan, 2010). The main reason for this was the nature of manual systems that have been in place in the organization. Humans are prone to error and loading them with too much work increases the chances of errors. On the other hand, computer systems are fast, versatile and diligent. This means that using computer systems to ease the work of the staff in the hospitals has significant benefited the organization. For this reason, decision-makers in my organization decided to change the operations of the healthcare facility from manual system to technological system. This was a new concept, and many did not accept it readily citing that it might take away their jobs (Leon-Sian, 2008). This was the fear of the majority, and because of it, they did not accept such changes. This had a significant positive impact in defining my leadership skills on my role as a nurse leader. I had to convince them that the new technology would enhance their work, but not render them jobless. It was my duty to make sure all the workers develop skills to use the new system before implementing them.

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