Companies of all sorts do everything possible to win customers to their side. Some use crude means to woo customers. Others, however, believe in building a good reputation for themselves and expect the reputation to play the role of winning customers. The same scenarios apply to the custom essay writing industry. There are those companies who use crude methods like making countless promises that they cannot fulfill. Others build a good reputation by promising customers only what they can deliver.

Current and potential customers need to evaluate custom essays providers on the basis of promises they make and ascertain whether they deliver on the same. For instance, a reputable company is the one that promises customers that they are entitled to unlimited number of revisions and live up to these promise and expectation. Dishonest custom essays providers, on the other hand, go against their promises. Some companies promise their customers that they are entitled to unlimited revisions but end up limiting the same and asking customers to add more fees.

There are those essay writing service providers that promise their customers that they will be charged a reasonable fee for purchased custom essays. The most unfortunate thing is that while reputable companies stick to their words, scams do everything to fleece customers of their hard earned incomes. This fleecing may come in the form of hidden charges. In other cases, scams may ask customers to pay for services that are supposed to be free. For example, there are companies that charge customers for custom essays revisions. Others dupe customers into believing that the standard size of a custom essays page is 250 words. This, as a matter of fact, is not the way things are supposed to be done. Standard essays are supposed to be made up of 275 words per page.

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