Section 1: Product Description.

This is a very highly durable board which in many cases foodmaterials or rather products are placed when they need to be cut into pieces and its major role or rather importance is best seen in the kitchen mainly when food is being put in manufacture or rather preparation Some of the aspects that make cutting boards be more appealing is that they are always made of many different types using different materials such as plastic, glass steel or even marbles of which in this case for instance when the glass material is used in the manufacture of this cutting board, it becomes very easy to clean after use and due to this many people will tend to purchase it mainly because it reduces lot of work or rather energy that would have been used to clean very stain objects made of other materials such as wood but we realize that when we compare the material wood over plastic, we would prefer wood mainly because wood once it gets cut it will get covered very easily ad in the shortest time possible unlike the plastic.

Section 2: Value Proportion.

When we decide on this product, Cutting wood as our main product, we come across it varied explained benefits which will lead to high demand of the product by the customers. Some but few of the benefits of using this product which will; lead to rapid attraction of the customers towards purchasing it is that the product is set for a multi purpose in that many food products or rather ingredients can always be prepared on top of the board so long as the board is cleaned for instance, a cook can decide to cut onions on top of te board, clean it, cut tomatoes on the same board, clean it, and even cut the vegetables and even meat and still clean in for further use, The cutting board is a very strong material that no matter how many cuts it go through it doesn’t fade away but will still be there to be used and some of the materials always used is the glass, steel and even the bamboo material for making the wooden ones.

Section 3: The Customer.

In the manufacture of the cutting board as a new product, the manufacture should have at the back of the mind that the products main purpose is in the kitchen and therefore his or her main targeted customers should be the women or rather the ladies because many a times it is the ladies and the mothers who take care of the stock in our kitchens. Therefore the manufacture of the cutting board should address issues of easy to wash utensils and also the issue of save of injury as one will avoid getting cut by a knife when slicing tomatoes or even when chopping the vegetables into pieces. Through the application use of the cutting board, they will be able to have very safe cooking session.

Section 4: Financial Prospects.

In the manufacture of the Cutting board machine that has been introduced, there is a small sample of the estimated cost of produce for a single product like this; the cutting board and it is evaluated as follows. When we take the price of wood that is needed for the manufacture of these cutting boards, we realize that we need around $3 which we must used to acquire wood as the first raw material needed for this product. Another factor that must be considered here is the level of labor or rather the total number of personnel that will be needed to perform the operation of sizing the woods into the required sizes and giving them adequate shapes and this aspect is estimated to cost $5 for this type of manufacturing product. For all these operations to reach the designated destination they have to be moved from various destinations to the other and this will represent the transportation which in the estimation is said to cost $7. Finally, in any operation taking place, there must be an end product or rather the result and for this case, we will have the total estimated expenditure for the product to be at $15

Section 5: Resources.

For a manufacturing business to succeed, there, must be some constant factors that have to be identified and ensured that they are set constant. For this case, there are resources or rather factors that have to be considered for the manufacturing of the cutting board to be most effective and these resources are; thewood which is the first requirement for the board to be manufactured as it will form the material part of the cutting board. Another resource that must be considered is the marketing persons or rather the customers of the product which must be identified immediately after the manufacture of the product and it should be noted that through their rate of purchase, it will determine whether the to produce more boards or not. Therefore finally we have the help of skilled personnel as the last but not least resource needed and is very important for the success of the manufacture of the cutting board for there must be skilled personnel who will know how to make very quality products of the cutting board from the woods before they are set out for the market.








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