Cyber Crime


Cyber Crime is an unlawful activity steered through a computer system and the internet.

Due to the increase in the number of people connected to the internet, cybercrime presents a huge risk, more each day.

An alarming reality of this of criminal activity is that through time it has exceeded drug trafficking as means of illegal financial gain. Estimates show that about every 3 seconds the identity of an internet user is stolen. Updated and advanced security is needed on a computer system to avert infection by malware. Without this kind of a security package, users risk spread of a computer virus when they connect to the internet. (Norton, 2015)

One of the most common forms of cyber-crime is when a user downloads a virus without his/ her knowledge. This can lead to losing of personal data and, in turn, the intrusion of accounts such as online banks accounts through passwords saved on your PC.

The earliest form of cybercrime can be dated from early 1970. One Don B. Parker from the USA conducted a research on computer crime. In his report which was compiled on 1979, he cited over 1000 cases from all over the world. The intent on computer crime then was mainly for financial gain and destruction. These have evolved over time to more sophisticated reasons and methods. This research guide was later adopted as a manual for the discharge of law functions. (Schjolberg, 2014)

Various methods can help one protect against cybercrime of any form; from cyber bullying, software engineered Trojans, hacking, etc… Anti-virus software which prevents the spreads of the virus’ which destroy your system, Anti-spyware software which stops the relay of information to another computer system and Firewalls which protect intrusion of communication are some of these protective methods. (Reyes, Brittson, O’shea and Steele, 2007)

The dynamic world of Internet makes us all targets of cyber-crime as we engage in the internet. Information about these issues helps us in preparation to combat this crime.



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