Day Care Activities on 27 May 2013


Children around the age of five years are curious, and their brains adapt well to learning to depend on the techniques teachers use and activities they take in school. Handling these kids well helped them develop their thoughts and learn the most in school. At this stage, the children develop interest in other people, letters, and numbers. This paper analyses the events of such children and their teachers in a day care I visited on 27 May 2013.

Children begin to stream into the school compound some minute to 8 AM. Being on a Monday, they have a short assembly where they begin the week with a word of player. They also sing a few hymns. The teachers have included this in the school program, as a way of ensuring the children develop self-drive and discipline. After the parade, they go back to class, and the teacher asks them if they can recall last week’s lesson. Before the lessons starts the teachers asks them about their weekends. This aims at creating a good interrelation between them and their teachers. They begin with arithmetic and learn how to calculate using marbles, sticks, and small stones. This makes them understand the concepts. This lesson runs for about forty-five minutes before they begin a lesson on languages and pronunciation. The lesson runs for another forty-five minutes until 9:45 AM when they go out to have outdoor play.

This is the physical education session where besides playing they also engage in other fun activities such as singing play songs. Play is an important aspect in a child’s growth as it keeps them fresh for the lessons that follow. The Physical Education Session runs until 10:45 AM. They leave the play ground for their tea break, where they take tea with snacks. Tea break is about thirty minutes, and at 11:15 AM they head back to class. They learn about plants and the environment. This takes about thirty minutes and a practical lesson where they go out and collect different types of flowers follow. The practical part of this lesson takes fifteen minute until 12:00PM. I observed how the kids are busy from the word go, and this builds in them a sense of time keeping and helps them, learn to organize their activities.

In conclusion, it is clear from my observations that childcare teachers arrange their program in such a way that the child grows in all aspects of life. The main aim is to build a strong character and foundation when

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