• Define a goal for our MVP. What are the minimum features we want to test in our product and service for the first phase?
  • Create a strategy. What steps and tasks do you have to complete to reach the goal set? Who is responsible for doing what? What are the available resources? What are the lacking resources?
  • Execute on the strategy. Follow all the steps, deadlines and tasks created in your strategy to achieve your goals on time and within budget.
  • Test and launch our MVP-1. Take your product on a test run with your potential customers. Let them explore the feature and solutions you built.
  • Collect data. Based on the interaction of the customer with our concept did they like it, how can we improve it, what are our next steps.

    this is one of four items we need to complete, I have attached the asignment and the back up paper work as we are half way done with the project.