Let’s explore the scientific method. Here is the scenario: We are planting a garden. We have a variety of bulbs and potted plants. We do not have any directions on how or when to plant each of these items. We do not have any gardening books, magazines, or access to the Internet (Oh, the horror!). We need to observe a number of characteristics for these plants.

What are some of the characteristics that we want to observe? What might be your initial hypothesis for growing these? How would you set up an experiment to test your hypothesis? Identify the variables involved. Once you design your experiment, apply what you know about the scientific method to analyze the set-up of your classmate’s experiments. How would you modify their design and what questions would you ask? Make sure to come back to the discussions later to respond to the questions proposed by your classmates on your experiment.

I need may 2 short paragraphs on each task

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