Read the scenario regarding John Smith’s Business profile.  (see attachment for scenario)

Develop and provide some solutions for Smith’s organization of how he can improve service­related issues as experienced by his customers. Be sure to include in your answer the following issues:

– Response times

– Service quality

– Costs

– Communications

750 – 1000 words. Essay, 3-5 References.

On an individual basis, formulate your thoughts and ideas for resolution of Smith’s service­level issues. Develop some notes, and submit them to the group to facilitate the discussion and resolution of the issues. Be sure to address Lean Principles and association to the 7 forms of waste.

Develop value streams for current business processes to help identify waste. (This can be in MS Visio, Word, PowerPoint or hand drawn and scanned / uploaded but this needs to be a visual representation of the business process) Identify the impact on the organization for each of the solutions you recommended if Smith chooses not to implement the recommendations.

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