Development of a new cellular phone



The following proposal is for the development of a new cellular smartphone called the “Dimension E” under our company “Vector Space Technologies”. The following report will include a rationale behind the project determined by the group’s interest, abilities, and goals. The entirety of this project was broken down into phases. Phase I is designated as Crowd-Funding/Proof Of Concept. Phase II is Product Development/Materials Quoting. Phase III is Mass Production/Marketing. The deliverables are as follows: a detailed Gantt Chart, mock sketches of the phone, schematic to cost ratio sheet, subcontracting list, marketing plan, and a complete version of the phone.


The Dimension E cellular smartphone made by Vector Space is going to be the first mass produced smartphone specifically designed with hologram capabilities as its main feature. This will be the first smartphone of its kind that will have a high definition screen that will be able to display a holographic image that the user will be able to interact with in a groundbreaking new way. The Dimension E will have the latest hardware specifications and infrared technology that will create a superior machine which will let the holographic display work spectacularly. This smartphone will have all of the latest standards and features that will make it stand out as a superior competitor in today’s fast paced market. Such as the latest IEEE 802.11standards, USB type C charging/data port, microSD slot for upgradable storage, and compatibility with all cellular networks. Vector Space has created a phone that will change the tech industry. The rise of virtual reality and 3d technologies has finally come to the point where it can be made publicly available for a reasonable price. No longer will smartphone users be bound to a two dimensional screen, with holographic displays the possibilities are endless. Games, video calls, and map applications can now be flawlessly experienced popping out of our phones and into their lives.


Our group collectively came up with the idea of innovating something technology based because technology is always evolving. We believe this new piece of technology has the ability to impact the market in a game changing way. 3-D technology is evolving around the globe, making this the prime time to design such a product. Our newly designed phone will revolutionize the way humans interact with digital media. The main benefit of crowdfunding is we are not beholden to the shareholders, rather the public who donated/pledged to receive the product. This way we can more effectively use the funds towards producing a product rather than divvy out profit shares, as well as collect data on the customer base while simultaneously funding production and development.


The activities created for the successful creation of the Dimension E phone are as follows:

  1. Product Meeting/Team Organization
  2. Marketing Meeting/ Start-up
  3. Design Prototype
  4. Start Kickstarter for Preliminary Funding
  5. Phase I Completed
  6. Prototype Production Meetings (small groups)
  7. Operating System Development
  8. Hardware Development
  9. Application Software development
  10. Camera Inversion/ 3d development
  11. Screen Development
  12. Hardware Installed into Prototype
  13. Infrared Tech Installed into Prototype
  14. Camera Installed into Prototype
  15. Screen Installed onto Prototype
  16. Operating System Installed on Prototype
  17. Software Installed into Prototype
  18. Outer Casing Design
  19. Outer Casing (rough) Applied to Prototype
  20. Outer Casing Produced
  21. Prototype Testing
  22. Outer Casing (Final) applied to Prototype
  23. Phase II Completed
  24. Marketing Meeting/ Prototype Launch
  25. Prototype Released to Sponsors for Funding
  26. Manufacture of 1000 devices
  27. User testing/Integration
  28. Devices Sent to Primary Donors
  29. User Based Updates and Bugs Fixed on Device
  30. Production Full Scale
  31. Phase III Completed

Planning for scheduling the project

In planning this project our group has assigned each member a specific task to oversee, though the development and major decision making is done as a whole. Our team has also developed a working list of the major activities that we must accomplish for this project, and with this, we will create an interactive spreadsheet to keep the project on schedule. Throughout the entirety of the project we have also scheduled many checkpoint meetings in which we will discuss the progress we have made and also actively compensate for any shortcomings.


As a group we have developed a Scope of Service plan for the roll out of The Dimension E 3D holo-projection cellular device. They are as follows: a detailed Gantt Chart, mock sketches of the phone, schematic to cost ratio sheet, subcontracting list, marketing plan, and a complete version of the phone.

Conflict Management Strategies

The Conflict Management Strategies will include all project section leaders having to attend biweekly coordinating meetings to update the project’s progression. The three phases of the project will make it easier to keep track of the activities as they develop. The project managers and the chief developers will be the sole updaters to the project to avoid miscommunication and misinformation. The marketing and public relations departments will be constant contact with the Kickstarter backers so to avoid any conflicts that might arise with the phone’s development.


Our company, Vector Space Technology, is proud of our plan for the Dimension E Smartphone. We have shown that the product would appeal to a wide range of demographics, have shown that the product would be built upon an intuitive platform accessible to all users, and have demonstrated that our goals for the product are both reasonable and profitable. We presented our project in three phases. Phase I illustrated our Crowd-Funding/Proof Of Concept. Phase II was our Product Development/Materials Quoting plan. Phase III is Mass Production/Marketing. As we have shown, these phases are seamless, sound, and reasonable.


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