A for-profit manufacturing organization loses a certain percentage of its annual revenue to fraud. Fraud occurs regardless of organizational size or type. Every organization is vulnerable to fraud. Fraud risk must be reduced as much as possible, hence preventing, deterring, and detecting fraud are crucial. Deterring and preventing fraud can be more economical than detecting, investigating, and recovering from fraud after-the-fact. These anti-fraud measures must start at the top and be communicated to all levels of the organization. They must go beyond internal controls and must be implemented on a cost-benefit basis.

In a 9-11 page, double-spaced paper, develop an anti-fraud program, or model, that can be implemented in an organization. This model, if applied correctly, must be efficient in preventing, detecting and deterring fraud.  At the minimum, your model must address the following factors:

  • Fraud risk
  • Fraud risk assessment
  • Employees’ behavioral expectations
  • Fraud prevention policies and procedures
  • Fraud detection policies and procedures
  • Fraud deterrence policies and procedures
  • Cost-benefit analysis.

Spend time to ensure that the formatting complies with CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements, and thoroughly proofread and grammar-check your final product. Be sure to examine the Portfolio Project Rubric to guide your project writing and presentation. If calculations are included, place them in a table in the Word document. Include a list of six to eight references cited and integrated in your paper. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these references. Your references must be credible and formatted according to CSU-Global’s APA requirement.

Here are some additional resources that will assist you in completing this project:

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The Portfolio Project preliminary deliverables are as follows:

  • Week 4: Submit a draft of project outline via email to your instructor (15 points toward the final project grade).
  • Week 6: Submit the proposed final references section for the project (15 points toward the final project grade).


Due Date(s) Instruction:

  1. A draft of the project outline with chapter outline and an executive summary.
  2. The proposed References Section.
  3. Final Paper due.

Due on Saturday, October 1st2016

1st Deliverable Due:  Submit a draft of the project outline . This submission should include the complete chapter outline and an executive summary of the proposed paper.


Due on Saturday, October 1st2016

2nd Portfolio Deliverable Due: Submit the proposed references section of the paper. At this point you should have established your list of references that will be used to support the content of your paper.  Be sure that you have included all references needed based on the source documents that you have and will use when you submit your final assignment.


Due on Saturday, October 1st2016

3rd Portfolio Deliverable Due: Final Portfolio “Development of an Anti-Fraud Program” paper completed with 9 -11 pages is ready to submit for final grade.



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