Get help DeVry-University BUSN 278 Week 4 Mid-Term Quiz. Question 1. (TCO 1) Why are budgets useful in the planning process? Question 7. Question : (TCO 1) Budgeting can be an important management tool if implemented properly. Identify several positive results when budgets are used properly. Identify several negative results if budgets are not properly implemented. Question 8. Question : (TCO 2) There are a variety of forecasting techniques that a company may use. Identify and discuss the four main qualitatative approaches, including their advantages and disadvantages. Question 9. Question : (TCO 2) Use the table Manufacturing Capacity Utilization to answer the questions below. Part (a): What is the project manufacturing capacity utilization for Day 16 using a 3-day moving average? Part (b): What is the project manufacturing capacity utilization for Day 16 using a 6-day moving average? Part (c): Use the mean absolute deviation (MAD) and mean square error (MSE) to determine which average provides the better forecast.

Question 10. Question : (TCO 3) Use the table “Food and Beverage Sales for Luigi’s Italian Restaurant” to answer the questions below. Part (c): Which forecast do you think is most accurate and why? Question 11. Question : (TCO 6) Jackson Company is considering two capital investment proposals. Estimates regarding each project are provided below. The company requires a 9% rate of return on all new investments. Part (a): Calculate the payback period for each project. Part (b): Calculate the net present value for each project. Part (c): Which project should Jackson Company accept and why? Question 12. Question : (TCO 6) Corn Doggy Inc. produces and sells corn dogs. The corn dogs are dipped by hand. Austin Beagle, production manager, is considering purchasing a machine that will make the corn dogs. 40,300. The machine will have a 12-year useful life and no salvage value. Part (a): Calculate the payback period. Part (b): Calculate the machine’s internal rate of return. Part (d): Assuming Corn Doggy Inc.’s cost of capital is 10%, is the investment acceptable? Why or why not?

State your presentation topic and explain why you selected it. What is the importance of this topic to your audience? How will you make it a win-win proposition? How will you frame the story to capture the audience’s attention? How do you plan on delivering the presentation? What type of visual aid will you use and why? With revenues dropping quarter over quarter and a 42% decline in the stock market price, Hewlett-Packard named Meg Whitman the new CEO. Watch the Meg Whitman CNBC clips and assess her leadership communication approach. · Did she demonstrate candor? · Was the communication consistent and aligned with the organizational goals? · Did she effectively communicate key messages? · What could she have done differently? · What did she do well? Assignment 2: Compelling Professional Presentation Due Week 7, Day 7 (Weight 20%) Becoming a great presenter gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself and grow within your career.

Compelling presentations have the ability to move ideas forward, build strong reputations, impress senior management, and most importantly increase personal confidence and access to roles and responsibilities that stretch professional development. The instructor will work with you to reserve a time in week 7 to present, or you may choose to record yourself and submit the presentation electronically. Please keep in mind that if you choose to submit a recorded presentation, you will also need to submit answers to the Q&A questions. An effective opening was used (clear objective, attention-grabbing, WIIFT, credibility, authentic voice, novelty/story element). A preview is provided (outline, etc.). Main points are stated clearly and are limited. Main points are presented logically and supported. Strong transitions are used. Interest is kept high (delivered with energy, enthusiasm, novelty, and/or interesting stories or statistics). The closing is effective. The presentation was targeted, clear, and persuasive. The presentation was delivered within the timeframe of 5-8 minutes.

Supported the presentation’s objectives. Added interest, variety, and impact. Used in a seamless, non-distracting manner. Body language was professional and appropriate. Vocal traits were professional, appropriate, and set the right tone. JWI 505: Business Communication Assignment 2 ©2015 Strayer University. All Rights Reserved. This document contains Strayer University confidential and proprietary information and may not be copied, further distributed, or otherwise disclosed, in whole or in part, without the expressed written permission of Strayer University. The space and objects were appropriate (distance to the computer, angle, objects in the room, and apparel). What communication style did you use and why? How did your DiSC style and assessment of others factor into the presentation? Explain your messaging approach. How did it maximize the presentation’s impact? What non-verbal communication strategies did you employ? What would you change about the presentation if you were to do it again? Be prepared for instructor to challenge assertions.

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