Discuss persuasion and methods of persuasion in Negotiation


You might have valuable information and great ideas, but unless you can get them across, they are worthless. Persuasion and negotiation are ways to get others to accept your ideas and use your information. Persuasion is the ability to induce to undertake a course of action or embrace a point of view by means of argument, reasoning, or entreaty. Persuasion is explicit and direct, while manipulation is implicit and deceptive.

Influence is the ability to produce an effect on someone else. Negotiation is a process where two or more people or parties who have conflicting interests attempt to reach agreement when neither side has the formal power – or the desire to use it – to get its own way. The objective of negotiating is to inspire another person to do something they may not want to do. Some of the tactics of negotiation include persuasion techniques. Persuading others is the art of the process.

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