The concept of emotional health is predictor of success in academic achievement, employment, marriage, and physical health. An amygdale attack in your brain sets your heart to racing, poised for fight or flight. According to Dan Goleman, our two amygdalas rule our emotions, our feelings, and our relationships, our learning. In the physical health part stress is one of the leading parts in the young Americans life. Physical health is important in or lives because everything we do is physical and if we do not take care of our bodies we cannot take care of the mind. In emotional health analytical thinking is always influenced by our emotions. If we have a mature and health emotional relationship we can control any situation that comes before us. Every body can get anger, but it takes an emotional healthy person not to resort to violence. One of the parts of emotional health is self-awareness. WE WRITE YOUR DISSERTATIONS ON ANY TOPICS!

We need to know our strengths and our weakness and how to be decisive. I can relate to these steps of emotional health because through the years my parents have constantly preached these elements to me. I have discovered through out my life that all the test and predicaments I have been through have helped me become a better person. I need to work on my social skills because I do not like talking to people that much. I would not call my self shy but I rarely talk to people. It might seem strange, but I think by playing football and meeting different people I will eventually get over it. My physical health to me is in pretty good shape though. I eat a lot of junk food but the weight never stays. I also drink a little alcohol every once in while which I know is not good. This brings out a lot of hidden emotions in some cases, which might not always be good. I feel that if I cut down on the drinking I will take care of my physical and emotional health all together. All free sample dissertations, dissertation proposal examples and thesis papers are plagiarized and cannot be fully used for your Undergraduate, Master’s, MBA or PhD degree in university. We work with experienced PhD. Master’s freelance writers to help you with writing dissertations and thesis papers! High quality and 100% non-plagiarized dissertations guaranteed!

5. Personnel management is a continuous activity/function in an Organisation as personnel problems continue to exist as long as employees are working in an Organisation. They need constant attention as they may disturb normal working of an Organisation, if neglected. 6. Personnel management aims as securing willing co-operation of employees for achieving organizational objectives. This is natural as industrial and other activities can be conducted only with the support of human resources. 1. To attain maximum individual development (self development) of the members of an Organisation and also to utilise available human resources fully and effectively. 2. To mould effectively the human resources. 3. To establish desirable working relationships between employer and employees and between groups of employees. 4. To ensure satisfaction to the workers so that they are freely ready to work. 5. To improve the service rendered by the enterprise to the society through better employee morale which leads to more efficient individual and group performance.

6. To establish and maintain a productive and self respecting relationship among the members of an Organisation. 7. To ensure the availability of a competent and willing workforce to the Organisation for its progress and prosperity. 8. To help Organisation to achieve its goals by providing well trained, efficient and property motivated employees. 9. To maintain high morale and good human relations within the Organisation for the benefit of employer and employees. 10. To secure the integration of all the individuals and groups with the Organisation by reconciling individual/group goals with those of an Organisation. The functions of HRM are directly or indirectly related to the human resource available in the organisation. HR manager has to perform the basic functions of management in the area of HRM. These managerial functions include planning, organising, directing and controlling the manpower of his department. The operative functions of the HRM include procurement of manpower, development of manpower, and payment compensation to manpower and so on. Functions of Personnel / HR Management are :-1.

Procurement of manpower : Procurement means acquiring or resourcing the human resources or the manpower required by an Organisation from time-to-time. Such procurement will be from the employment market. The basic principle in procurement is “right man for the right job”. The procurement function includes manpower planning and forecasting, recruitment, selection, appointment, placement and induction of employees so as to have a team of efficient and capable employees for the benefits of the Organisation. Even promotions and transfers are covered by this broad personnel function. At present, scientific methods are used for recruitment and selection of most suitable manpower for the benefit of the Organisation. 3. Compensation payment and reward to manpower employed : One function of HRM department is to pay compensation (in monetary form) to employees for the services rendered. For this, a fair system of remuneration payment (wages and salaries) needs to be introduced. Remuneration to employees should be attractive so that the labour force will be satisfied and disputes, etc., will be minimized.

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