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Your dissertation is your final chance to impress at university, as it is likely to be the last piece of work you submit before receiving your final grade. Here at UK Best Essays, we know how important it is to finish your degree with an outstanding dissertation – that’s why we have safeguards to ensure that we deliver your Dissertation Writing Service order both on time and to the standard you ordered.

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Dissertation Writing Service features

Unique dissertations made personally for you

Your dissertation counts towards a substantial percentage of your final grade. It’s for this reason that hundreds of students each year turn to UK Best Essays to ensure they make the most of this final opportunity to impress. Our team of expert writers creates custom dissertations based on your instructions or previously completed dissertation proposal.

Primary or secondary research

Our company is capable of delivering dissertations that utilise either primary and secondary research, or secondary research only.

If you’re given a choice of either a primary/secondary study or secondary research only, we recommend that you choose secondary. The reason is that secondary research is less time consuming when completing your dissertation. It also saves you money as additional requirements, such as designing questionnaires and interviews as well as the collection of primary data, incur an additional cost.

If you do choose primary research, don’t worry; we’ll agree the additional cost upfront, before we start your order.

Quantitative or qualitative

We appreciate that different courses have different requirements in terms of research methodologies. This is why we use only subject-specific experts who can advise you whether quantitative or qualitative research is appropriate.

In general, if you’re working with big datasets or looking at trends, you will want to use quantitative. If you’re looking at opinions or conducting interviews on a small scale, however, it’s likely that qualitative research will be more appropriate. Both approaches have pros and cons and different methods in which the work can then be approached once you select quantitative or qualitative research.

Microsoft Word format

We deliver all dissertations in Microsoft Office Word (.doc or .docx) format. We are, however, capable of delivering in alternative formats – simply let us know what you require when placing your order. Some of the formats in which we have been asked to deliver work include:

  • Open Office Writer (.odt)
  • Apple Pages
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • PDF

No matter which format you require, we can normally accommodate it, as we have access to a wide variety of software used by students, both for writing proposals and dissertations. This includes packages such as EViews and Matlab, which may be required for analysing data for your dissertation.

Qualified professionals

We’ll only ever let a writer take on your dissertation order if they are qualified to do so. This means that, when you receive your order from UK Essays, you can expect all of the technical details to be correct. Not only will your writer be qualified in your subject of study, they will also have received that qualification in the same country in which you’re studying.

University education standards vary globally, so we know it’s vital that our UK customers only have writers who are qualified in the UK. The same applies to our US and Australian customers, who only have their work written by American and Australian writers respectively.

Additional Writing Service Features

Helping you to get more from your dissertation order

Our service offers the following features as standard:

Changes to your dissertation within 7 days of delivery.

Bibliography and references are excluded from the word count you order.

Help locating the sources referenced in your dissertation.

Complete confidentiality, as we don’t share your personal details with any other company.

We don’t resell or publish the dissertation you paid for; it’s unique and just for you.

All our writers are tried and tested before working on customers’ orders.

We guarantee delivery of minor changes within 24 hours.

We can also offer the following at an additional cost:

Upgrade to our Elite Writing Service with one of our top 3 writers in your subject, changes to your work allowed for up to 3 months and your own personal account manager in our Customer Experience team.

Questionnaires and interview questions for your primary research.

Collection of the primary data required for your dissertation.

Completion of additional work outside the word count such as appendices, calculations and diagrams.





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