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The lesson to be learned here is that yes, life happens, but you and your partners need to literally work on this everyday. Grading papers. interacting with students, updating policy, recruiting, etc needs to be an everyday thing. If you can not commit at least 2 hours per day, don’t proceed. If anyone needs additional help, please feel free to contact me. After a long layoff, I’m now trying to restart my venture as a one man operation. Due to the tiring nature of this, I’m looking for help. I’m looking for partners (CA preferred), contributors, collaborators, instructors and potential students. Feel free to explore the site. I’m constantly updating and modifying. I urge all to thoroughly review the site, before inquiring to assist. Hello I thinking of starting a realistic online college like no other thats unigue. Besides working as a full time Navy Chaplain, I have been working since 2000 towards the idea of either starting up my own university or a satellite campus location for an existing university. I have a MAPT, MSLM, M.EdLHE and just need to defend my dissertation for my Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy.

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