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What is Dissertation?

According to dictionary.com dissertation is “a written essay, treatise, or thesis, especially one written by a candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.”

Students are often unsure about what dissertation is; they are aware that it is a large piece of work towards the end of a degree, but they are not sure about what it constitutes.

It is an academic argument, a piece of scholarly writing based on research and data. What a dissertation meant to show is the students’ ability to cope with distant information and use that to form a cohesive, sensible argument, redressed a question or a hypothesis they have stated. Hiring an experienced dissertation writing service will help show the student’s ability to achieve this.


How To Write a Dissertation Topics

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When writing a dissertation, the first step is to choose a topic. The dissertation topic is the most important component of your thesis because it is the foundation on which you will build your dissertation structure. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you should choose a good dissertation topic. A strong dissertation topic will help you provide a good base, and a weak topic will undoubtedly lead you to an unfortunate result.


In some cases, where students realize too late about their poor choice of a dissertation topic, they had to start from the beginning. If you don’t want this to happen to you, keep some important aspects in mind when choosing a dissertation topic.

  • Keep your strengths in mind when picking a dissertation topic.
  • Your dissertation topic should be interesting enough for you to maintain interest in upcoming months.
  • Your dissertation topic should not offend any cast, creed or gender.
  • It should neither too broad nor too narrow.
  • Ask your supervisor if you have selected the right dissertation topic.


Choosing a dissertation topic when writing dissertation could be a cumbersome task. However, if you don’t have the time or want help choosing a topic, we have an entire section for dissertation topics. Our expert team would be euphoric to assist you in any manner.


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Dissertation Structure

The first question that arises in students’ minds when writing a dissertation is “what should it look like?” This refers to the dissertation structure.

An excellent dissertation structure should present the objectives, narrate the research methods you have used and shown some results. It does have a particular structure unless suggested otherwise by your institution.

Here’s the dissertation structure commonly used in educational institutes.

  • Research Proposal (if necessary)

In the research proposal, you shall describe what you want, what intend and what aim you would try to achieve.

  • Title

In the title section, you have to include:

The Title: The amount of Sodium required daily by humans

Student’s Full name and qualification: Sara Parker LLB (Hons)

The degree dissertation is submitted for Dissertation submitted for the completion of Bachelors of Law

Institution: University of West Virginia

Date of submission: 1st September 2016

Supervisor’s Name: John Smith


  • Abstract

An abstract, as a component of the dissertation structure, is the synopsis of the dissertation in one paragraph. In this paragraph, you should include that what issues you have researched, by what methods and why you choose these methods. What were the results and your conclusions?


  • Acknowledgements

This is another section of the dissertation structure where you need to acknowledge all the persons who helped you in any manner whatsoever. They could be your lecturer, library staff or the people who contributed with their time to be interviewed.


  • Introduction

You should unfold your dissertation topic and also describe your aim, objectives and an outline of the whole dissertation. The introduction is your chance to show that you have command over the language, grammar, and style required to write a scholarly piece of work.


  • Literature Review

In this section, you should critically review the past research done in your relevant field. A good and up to the mark literature review is written thoroughly, analyzed critically and essentially informative. And it should also demonstrate your contribution to the existing research.


  • Methodology

This represents the progress and evaluation of your research structure. This is section of your dissertation structure where you illustrate your research, data collection and assessment methods you have used and why you find these methods appropriate for your research.


  • Results and Discussion

Under this section, you need to discuss strengths and weaknesses of your research and also identify limitations.


  • Conclusion

Here you should integrate all the aspects of your argument to come up with a convincing answer to the question you initially presented. Your answer should also justify your conclusion. You should also picture the possible future development of your research topic. Moreover, you also need to mention if your findings are applicable in real life or have any practical implications.


  • Bibliography and References

You must mention the resources from where you have collected the information. If you don’t cite the references correctly, it could result in an accusation of plagiarism resulting a failure in your dissertation. So, it is important to cite the references accurately.


  • Appendices

In this section, you should include how you have collected the data for your research. For instance, surveys, questioners, etc.


Dissertation Examples

We have mentioned above, the features of an ideal dissertation structure. We encourage students to write their dissertation by themselves, but if somehow you are unable to cope with the challenge, our dissertation help will come handy. There is an unlimited resource available in our dissertation examples section. These dissertation examples are the actual dissertations submitted by students and scored distinction, and shared to help other students. But please do not copy other people’s work and present it as yours, it is plagiarism.


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