Divine Roles Across Cultures

Resources: Divine Roles Across Cultures Worksheet, Week 3 readings, University Library, internet
This week you learned about the divinities and how they compare in different cultures. For this assignment, you will research and discuss common divine roles from world mythology.
Complete the Divine Roles Across Cultures worksheet.
Include citations and references throughout your assignment. APA formatting
Sources (at least 2 from different cultures below)

The Male and Female Divine
George, J. J., & Suarez, A. C. (2011). Religion, cosmology, and mythology. Handbook to Life in the Inca World, n/a.
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Linguae (1998). Hindu Festivals, Goddesses, and Women (01:31) [Video file], Films on Demand.
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Goddesses and the Divine Feminine : A Western Religious History
Myth of Human Races

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