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The answer is that a degree can help you become more competent, and therefore, a degreed individual is much more likely to be competent. My experience in talking and interviewing Software Engineers leads me to believe that there are a higher percentage of degreed Software Engineering that are competent than there are non-degreed Software Engineers that are competent. Just like safe driving habits won’t guarantee you won’t die in an auto accident a degree won’t guarantee you’ll be competent, but both will increase the likelihood of safety and competency respectively. 4. I don’t have a degree, and I’m smarter than those that do. This is entirely possible. As I mentioned before, I’ve met non-degreed Software Engineers who surpassed the average degreed counterparts in ability and competency. I do, however, think that this scenario is rare and unlikely. Of the non-degreed Software Engineers that I’ve known and interviewed, I have observed that there are many more who had an exaggerated perception of their abilities then those who’s abilities we’re above the average degreed Software Engineer. 5. College is a waste of money. They don’t teach anything that you can’t learn on your own.

While I agree that college doesn’t teach you anything that you can’t learn on your own. I do not think that it is a waste of money. I believe that college provides several benefits over self learning. A. Access to experts. Many of my classes were taught by professors who were considered experts in their fields. They kept up to date on the latest research and technology and shared that with their students. I remember discussing with a professor at the University of Utah an idea that I had for a research project for my Masters Thesis. C. A well rounded curriculum. Both my Masters and Bachelors degrees surprised me at not only the depth of learning that I received but also the breadth. I think it would be possible (although much more difficult) for me to learn those topics on my own, but I’m less confident I would have known that some of those topics even existed or that they were important.

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. It is impossible to study a topic that you don’t know exists. A good example of this is big-O notation. Many un-degreed Computer Scientists have never heard of big-O notation or have shallow or incorrect understanding of what it is. D. Access to equipment and technologies. Somethings you just can’t learn (adequately) from books. You need to get you hands dirty and work with it. Many of these equipment and technologies are out of the price range for many people. Colleges can provide access to these technologies at a cheaper cost than if you purchased all the technologies on your own. 6. But if you did learn it all on your own and you are competent why don’t employers just interview you so you can prove that you’re qualified? They could but interviewing is expensive. I believe the right way to interview for a technical position is to have your most qualified employees ask candidates technical questions. This process is likely to result in hiring a qualified candidate. First of all, your most qualified employees are also likely your highest paid employees, so you’re paying them a lot of money to interview.

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