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If the task will take longer than eight hours, then you should consider breaking it down into smaller, more manageable parts. The 8 hour figure is not exact or specific but something to consider in order discovering what works for you. 4. Is this to-do really a specific action? An additional example about actions being specific is that sometimes the next action is to think about an item or brainstorm about what to do. 5. Is this to-do the very next thing I need to do? Sometimes you can’t follow through on a certain to-do item because there is a particular action you need to do first. What you need to do is consider and write down the specific first thing that should be done. As an example, one task on your list is to “call Bill re: the new proposal”, however you don’t have Bill’s phone number. First, you have to call another person, Susan, in order to get Bill’s number. So what is your very next action step then? Now this may all seem simple and in theory you could figure out any “first action steps” for each item without specifically noting or writing them down.

In practice though, it becomes really easy to procrastinate regarding your action items if you do not specify the “first action step” to take in order to actually achieve the goal. 6. Can I break the task down into smaller components? If the task on your to-do list appears too difficult, then you need to think, “What is the very first action that I need to do for this?” and then mark that down on your list. Now here is the problem: Every time you see the item on your list you want to ignore it and not take any action; you’re intimidated by how much is involved in doing it. This particular task is actually a project and in order to complete it, will require multiple, distinct, sequential to-dos. You have to look at the task, break it down and consider what would be the very “first action step” that can be done towards the goal of completing the overall project.

7. Is this task really a to-do or is it something I am waiting on? Another reason why tasks don’t seem to go away from your to-do list is that you’re waiting for something you need that you don’t currently have. Now, it is not a good idea to leave those types of items on your to-do list. Once again, your mind will freeze up because of a list that is mixed with to-do items you can do now and those which don’t have an immediate action that can be taken. Items like this need to be moved to a different list, which we will talk about more below. 8. Do I really want to do this task? On your to-do list, sometimes there may be an item on it you just never seem to get around to doing or even starting. The reason for this could simply be that the task is something you just don’t really want to do. You might get to it later, but it is not a high enough priority to properly take care of at the present moment. Your to-do list needs to only have things that you can do NOW, not tasks that have components that you are waiting on in order to complete them or tasks you may want to do in the future. You need to keep a separate list for those particular items. Keep one list for things of which you are waiting for something. Put the other to-dos that you are not able to do now but may eventually want to get to on a separate list called “To do later” or “On hold”. You will be much less intimidated by your list because you can look at each task and say, “yes, I can do that!” It just won’t feel hard anymore. Use the outlined method to clarify your to-do list and reduce it to only REAL “to-dos”. You will feel decreased stress as you begin to get much more done.

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