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The allied armor became alive with the roar of diesel engines and started moving into the dust and smoke of the target area. Foot soldiers and supply vehicles supported the armor divisions. As the assaulting allies grew closer to the German lines, field artillery boomed and pounded the Germans 500 yards ahead of the advancing element. A vicious firefight broke out between the disoriented German Feldgrau and allies. Tanks were firing on opposition at point blank range, due to the amount of dust and smoke reducing visibility. The allies were fighting for every inch, as Feldgrau refused to give up. By the end of the day, it was growing apparent that the breakout of France was a success. In spite of all the battlefield obstacles, sending the armor and foot soldiers in immediately after the bombing proved to be a tactically sound decision. As morning dawned, the ever-present allied air support could be heard.

They provided cover for the armor units that were about to make bold advances into hostile territory. The allied forces would use the three by one rectangle of death as the launching point for the slashing assaults by the armor and infantry units. The allies dispersed in several directions to capture key cities and terrain. The tips of the armored advances were told to advance as fast as possible. In doing so, these units would cut a path through the opposition that would sometimes close behind them making it difficult to supply them. The idea of using the terrain features to their advantage was smart the shortcoming was failing to secure the rear to ensure the re-supply missions. With armor and infantry rapidly spreading through the French countryside the Nazis finally realized that the army in England was a decoy. Panzer and SS Feldgrau divisions anticipating the attack of the imaginary army were then rushed to meet the slashing spearhead assaults head on. As the panzer divisions rushed to the aid of their comrades they became the targets of allied fighters.

This slowed the movement of German support and allowed the fangs of Cobra to sink deeper into the Germans hold of France. The ploy of the imaginary army proved to be a success long enough to allow the beginning of Cobra to unfold. By 30 July, many key terrain features were captured but there seemed to be no front any more. The fighting had turned into a free for all with divisions heading in every direction. The front was no longer distinguishable so units passed in and out of hostile territory with out knowing it. The ground commander of the allied forces tried to regain contact with the spearheads of the assaulting forces. Once in contact he received reports of conflicts and how many of the objectives had been captured. He urged all forces to keep moving and capture their objectives. Moral began to drop due to the lack of sleep and the constant fighting.

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