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Teaching students of any age group can be a challenge. However, from my experience, elementary aged students are the most difficult to tutor due to their shorter attention spans. If you are looking for a math tutor for your child visit Math heytutor. Although very few people enjoy the idea of sitting down and studying for a few hours, this actual process is nearly impossible for younger children. If you are finding it challenging to help your child study, tutor a student, or work with kids in a classroom setting, the following information might be helpful to you. I have found it to be beneficial to me, as I have worked with young kids during the last several years. First, I believe the most important thing to understand is that there is a direct correlation with a child’s attention span and their age. In general, the amount of attention span a child has should be equivalent to their age.

As children get older, their attention span and ability to learn grows. I have seen many teachers and tutors apply what is known as the “chunk” method to their teaching lessons. With this method, they determine the average age of the students in their classroom. Then, they add 5 minutes to the age. With this idea, a 7 year old will receive 12 minutes of instruction before moving onto a different idea. Experts suggest that this pace is the right speed for the children to learn without loosing their attention. In many scenarios, this method has been extremely effective. In the past, kids were much more focused because there were fewer distractions. However, today’s technology provides numerous distractions in school and at home that prevents kids from paying attention and finishing assignments quickly. There is a reason why offices want their employees to work in closed off cubicles. This type of environment fosters efficiency and productivity.

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