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I am deeply grateful that I got that career-enhancing opportunity. But not everyone can cross-register from law school to take a few MBA courses. I was lucky that door was open to me. Today, the door to getting a glimpse of MBA knowledge is more open than ever before, but the door leads more often leads to a part-time online MBA program than to a few courses at a bricks-and-mortar business school. Why do I say that? Well, it’s because of experiences of people like Mr. Adam Mayingu who have used an online MBA to gain the kind of confidence, satisfaction, and success that I gained. Let me tell you a little about him so that you will understand my point. Like many promising young people, Mr. Mayingu graduated from college after having done well at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, an East African nation. He started his career in 1989 with an entry-level job in information technology and advanced rapidly by building his technical skills. By 1998, he was head of Information Systems at a commercial bank.

In addition, he had started some entrepreneurial ventures that he worked on during his time away from the bank. While working for the bank, he made a substantial contribution by leading a project to install the first wide-area banking system in Tanzania that allowed bank customers to make transactions in their accounts at any one of the bank’s offices. As a result of the improved service, the image of the bank improved, and it went from losing money to being profitable. At that point Mr. Mayingu found that studying for an MBA degree was attractive to him. He wanted to be able to shift into a career in business management, to learn how to be a more successful entrepreneur, and to have the fun of learning new things. As a busy person who couldn’t afford taking time off to study business full-time, an online MBA degree was the only option.

After exploring the choices available, he selected Rushmore University for his studies. Mr. Mayingu was pleased to find that MBA studies gave him better ideas for which personal businesses to develop and how to operate them. In addition, he gained a lot of confidence in his ability to present ideas in writing and through public speaking. After graduating, Mr. Mayingu selected a new job as Head of Information Systems for the Public Service Pensions Fund in Tanzania. In this role, his expertise has become so widely appreciated that he now serves as a vice-chairperson on the Technical Commission on Information and Communication Technology for the International Social Security Association based in Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Mayingu is confident that he can handle any challenge. How many talented people lack the confidence to develop their abilities in ways that would benefit everyone? I don’t know, but there must be hundreds of millions of such people. I hope that more of them will test the waters through enrolling in excellent online MBA programs. Will you be one of them? All you have to lose is your lack of confidence in your talent by building your knowledge and experience in practical ways.

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