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Do keep in mind that we cannot write poems for the apprenticeship program! I do have a few collections of poems on my site and entered a few poetry challenges here. The challenges were my trigger and fun to do! That’s awesome, btrbell. Sometimes all it takes is a trigger to bring out our passions. When I joined hubpagelast spring, I saw a lot of people writing poetry so I decided to write again. It was years for me also! Ah, I so miss writing poetry! Blossom, that is a great idea! I have used it in the classroom to teach parts of speech but how nice to use it to describe each other! Now, you have brought a whole new meaning to it! Thanks for stopping by and for your acrostic! Jackie, new ideas are fun! I used to do this and didn’t even know it had a name so it’s sort of new for me! Ah, Nell, thank you so much! I do appreciate your poem, thanks and vote! It just struck me that this could be a useful thing to do in a classroom to encourage kids to write good things about their classmates.

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