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Your choice for the solution is directly related to the specificity of your audience. That means that if your audience is too vague, your solution will ipso facto be too vague. Think about the logistics of that. How would you tell “all the companies”? In fact, how would you tell “a company” without knowing which one? This goes for “radio stations,” “TV stations,” and “people who care about gun laws” as well. While knowing that your audience exists on this broad level is a great place to start, it is not specific enough to actually effect change. So, a solution is feasible if it can be done and you describe how it can be done. It is your job to convince your audience to act by making them seem like acting is sensible. You say, “I want XYZ, Inc. to reduce their paper waste by 500,000 pounds this year,” and the first thing someone says is, “How?” A good solution will answer that question thoroughly.

Checklist: Have I described the proposed solution successfully? Is my solution feasible? Is my solution specific? Does my solution match my audience? What is a justification for the solution/method for execution? This often seems like the hardest part: justifying the solution. However, you’ve probably already done most of the work. Your research that helped you understand the problem and come up with a solution required that you understand the justification for the solution. Now the question is: how do I choose what to include? The answer is similar to your description of the problem. The justification must be compelling and it must make sense. So, if you have information that is related to the solution, choose the information that moves your solution forward. Checklist: Have I justified the solution successfully? Ask yourself these questions about EACH PIECE of the justification for the solution. Does this information make the solution plausible? Do these facts give the audience the information they need to act? This article gives a general overview of proposal writing and offers ways to think about the different components. Of course, following it to the T will not necessarily get you the results you want. It is the nature of proposals to be vastly different from one another, so remember the whole time to THINK. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Good hub with all the information that is required.

Concealment of the waiting line, or at least part of it, is a very effective deterrent against reneging. The Walmart and Proctor & Gamble experience illustrates the unintended consequences of independent decision-making in a goods supply chain. Yield management is the process of allocating a fixed perishable resource to several market segments in the most profitable manner. The use of a ski-resort hotel for business conventions during the summer is an example of using the complementary service strategy. Which of the following is not a strategy for managing capacity? Which of the following strategies is inappropriate for managing capacity and demand? Which of the following is not true about a critical path in a project network with certain activity times? In no less than 100 words, discuss the economic costs of keeping customers waiting. The number of customers in line at a service organization such as a retail store or bank is likely to vary by the hour of the day and by the day of the month. How will this affect your choice of a forecasting model? Make a substantive response to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Service capacity (e.g. seats on an aircraft) has characteristics similar to inventories. In no less than 100 words, identify which inventory model would apply to a service capacity example and why it would apply. Include a discussion about how information technology can be used with the identified model to help service organizations to create a competitive advantage through inventory management. Make a substantive response to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

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