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Whenever I get an idea for a story, I always write it down in brief outline and have a folder literally bulging with story ideas. Many of these, I realise, at the outset will not be turned into novels, or even novelettes or novellas. If you have a story idea and start to feel that you are struggling with what to do next, then it may be that you simply can’t take the story beyond a short story. If that’s so, don’t bore yourself (and the reader) with filling the story out with needless padding to make it stretch into novel status. Trim it down, remove unnecessary detail and stick to the basic concept, whatever that may be. You might then end up with a terrific short story rather than a mediocre or even bad novel. A good short story is always better than a bad long story. The other great thing about short stories is that you can turn them out rapidly.

Don’t wait to get that modern version of War and Peace finished; get on with completing some brilliant short work. Especially if you’re an Amazon writer (as I am) and you need to have several works up there to gain readership. I have mentioned before, that the short story on average reaches to about 10,000 words. Many are much shorter than this, often around 1,000 or 2,000 words. This is great, as you can crack on and get them finished quickly without stressing over the novel length story. If you are writing to enter competitions, then you will absolutely have to stick to the word-count stipulated on the competition rules. But anyway, you will have accomplished what every writer needs; several stories under your belt, and more scope to develop your talent. Within the field of short story writing, there is ‘flash fiction’ too. These are ultra short, and if you want the challenge you can also try for these. The powerful thing about writing short stories comes in the art of good editing.

You must needs be brutal with what you decide to remove. Ruthless editing is excellent training which will teach you to get rid of the superfluous ramble that we can all become guilty of if we are not vigilant. Your literary skills will be sharpened through writing the short story and it will prepare you for that Booker Prize novel that you are planning one day to write. The ‘novelette, as I understand it (I think the writing world is divided on the true definition) is basically a short story which exceeds 10,000 words and is somewhere in the 15,000 to 20,000 range. So, I may find that my original short story idea has entered the world of the novelette, which is the ‘longer’ version of the short story. I’ve written several of these, and I really love this version as it works well when the short story has a lot more to it and yet not enough to fill up a paperback. I think that there’s room for a lot more of the novelette style as it gives the author room to add more and not feel bound by the ‘rules’ of the short story.

The novella takes us, (it is said by various sources) into the 20,000 to 40,000 word range, give or take a few thousand words. Let’s keep to a nice easy demarkation line here, a wavy line rule made of string rather than a tight straight-edged one made of steel. But somewhere in this range, we have our novella, which many famous authors have used as a format for some of their greatest works. A few examples are Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, George Orwell’s Animal Farm, and Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull, all of which worked brilliantly in the novella format. Anymore would possibly have proved too much in the novel range, and might indeed, have taken the essence away from the story’s main theme. I love the novella, because, I think it works for us when we feel that we are coming to the conclusion but realise that the story does not need to be any longer than it already is. It works just as it is, preserving the message of the tale without being a full-blown novel to reach the same point.

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