Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Content Writer? Is Writing Your Passion?


Is writing your passion? Do you wish to pursue a career as a writer? What are the skills required to be a good and successful content writer? This article will answer all the questions mentioned here and also the ones that are running in your head. Content writing involves writing articles, newspapers and blogs, which get published in magazines, newspapers and on the internet. Many companies are on a constant look out for good writers. As they have a large requirement, they tend to outsource their work and hand it over to freelance content writers. If you are planning to become a full time content writer, you can opt for a short course in writing which will give your writing skills an edge.

There are two types of writers – professional content writers and the not so professional ones. Looking for some reliable information over the internet? Just Google it. Most of the articles written by professional writers are amongst the best ones you can find on Google and other search engines. Content writing is all about writing articles which are creative and which make the audience read with rapt attention. Most of the freelance writers tend to do injustice to the article by writing half heartedly and by copying someone else’s work. When the freelance articles are scanned using copy scape and other plagiarism tests, most of them get caught. The articles written by these writers need to be heavily edited and changed as per the standards of the topic given by the client. Professional writers make sure their articles fail copy scape. They also need minimum editing.

The benefits of becoming a content writer is that you get to write on various topics. As they have to do a lot of research and write about a number of topics, these writers get to learn something new everyday. No two articles are the same for a content writer and every day is a new experience for these people. Content writing is so flexible and relaxed that it gives writers the freedom to write from anywhere. You can go to your office and write the article, write it from home or write while you are traveling.

As content writing involves different topics, this field of work never gets boring. If writing is your passion, then you can convert it into a profession and make money out of it. Earlier, content writers were paid peanuts for their writing. But today, with the increase in demand for writers, professional writers get paid around 200 percent more than what they used to get. If you are planning to become a writer, this job is the best choice as compared to the other 9-5 jobs in the market today.


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